Dear Reader,

Do you like moody, secret-filled contemporary gothic romance?

How about a gothic-flavored, spicy romance with sci-fi or paranormal elements?

Maybe you're in the mood for a mystery packed historical?

Or is a sweet, poignant contemporary peppered with humor more to your taste?

If I've piqued your curiosity, then welcome to my world. My writing is almost as varied as my reading tastes.

Like many of you, my love of reading started before I had a memory. My mother read to me, favorites like The Pokey Little Puppy and The Little Train that Could.

Once I started reading on my own, my favorites numbered among The Secret Garden and The Black Stallion series. Remember the Weekly Reader book sales? I can still feel those glossy covered books between my fingers, books like Big Red, Old Yeller, My Friend Flicka, and Black Beauty. Seeing a pattern of horses and dogs here? Dogs still play a huge part in my life. You'll hear more about that on my blog. In sixth grade, I expanded my reading interests and discovered biographies, the most memorable being Helen Keller's.

I was well into adulthood, reading Tom Clancy's political thrillers and James Clavell's far eastern adventures, when I discovered the glorious romantic adventure of Kathleen Woodiwiss' Shanna. I was immediately hooked on romance, first as a reader, then as a writer. Judith McNaught's Whitney My Love and Almost Heaven taught me true romance. Lindsay Longford's poignant romances such as Pete's Dragon taught me there was more sensuality in the inadvertent brush of hands than the most explicit sex scene. From Elizabeth Lowell I learned the magic of dialogue while reading her western historical Only Love.

To those who went before me, and there are many more than the few I mentioned here, thank you. You taught and inspired me. May I do the same for those who read my work.

Now, join me as I revisit the adventures of youth and adulthood.

~Barbara Raffin

Barbara Raffin, author of Wolfsong, 23 weeks on the Top Ten Best-seller list!